About Fragmenta

Fragmenta is a platform for collaboration in the field of choreography, dance and choreography-related arts like performance and theatre. Its aim is to develop dance and choreography and at the same time generate a different kind of social involvement. Fragmenta does so by bringing together artists working in various disciplines and media who engage the public in playful but thought-provoking projects.

The body is the only physical object we actually possess and at the same time it is the material centre of our subjective awareness. We experience the world and relate to others through our bodies, and in the process it allows us to develop the mental images and concepts that form the basis of who we are. This reciprocation of development and communication is exactly why Fragmenta wants to offer a platform where interaction can be researched.

Fragmenta’s goals are not limited to actual art works; they extend into projects for dance communication, cultural-political engagement, infrastructure for artists’ workspaces, and the awareness and development of the body.