About Fragmenta

Fragmenta pushes the limits. Its projects are derived from movement / dance. Additionally, it conducts research and organises workshops and lectures. Fragmenta provides a platform which investigates the fields of choreography and dance, sometimes in cooperation with other disciplines. The theatre is seen as a place where complex, thought provoking, naive and exciting things can happen.

Fragmenta occupies a completely unique position in the dance world. It doesn't aim to be an organisation but rather a playground which invites choreograpers and performers to explore many different directions. Fragmenta researches dance and invents it again. Asking questions: What is dance? What is movement? What is the expressive power of dance?

Ultimately, Fragmenta doesn't try to answer these questions, but to confront the audience with its own reaction to the choreography. Performances confront bewilderment with the thought-out, seek a mix of a concept, by itself a more theoretical plan, and movement which allows for more intuitive decisions. Fragmenta defines the essence of the discipline as a starting point for exchange with other artists.

Choreography, performance and theatre all impose their own rules, on the artist as well as the audience. The interaction between these three elements creates a new aesthetic form which confronts spectators with their opinions about watching and experiencing performance.