Communicating dance

The current formats of exchange about dance, performance and choreography-related pieces are usually designed to facilitate a deeper understanding or appreciation from the audience of the performances they just saw. In general, the existing formats follow a dramaturgical line that serves a certain conceptualization of the theatre or festival program.

As choreographer, dramaturge and independent cultural worker we – Sonja Augart and Inge Koks – cherish these exchanges, but we still feel the urgency to create another kind of exchange on a more societal level, one that allows us to practice our citizenship. Theaters are the perfect place for that!

In our approach we have been inspired by the culture of Salons and coffeehouses flourishing in Europe during the 18th and19th century. At that time, the free exchange of opinions and ideas, based on artistic expressions seen in the theaters and museums, created new spheres of influence for the upcoming bourgeoisie, alongside aristocratic conventions. We were impressed by the impact art and theater had on society.

Society has changed a lot since then, it has become so much more complex. The development of social media especially has given people numerous channels to voice their opinions and ideas. It becomes increasingly clear however, that broadcasting ones opinions online doesn’t necessarily lead to meaningful communication. That is why there is still need for physical spaces where people can engage in actual conversations and have an honest public exchange. We believe that the theater would be the perfect place to start!

Feedback Lab Goes Public

„Let’s Talk About Dance – Feedback Lab Goes Public“ is a series of different audience formats taking place during the dance festival Tanztage Berlin since 2015. Initiated and overseen by Sonja Augart and Inge Koks, the formats have been developed as a cooperation of Tanztage Berlin, Tanzbüro Berlin, the module Feedback Lab of the international network Live Long Burning at Uferstudios as well as the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) Berlin.


Mapping dance by Tanzbüro Berlin

I am involved in Mapping Dance Berlin as an expert on feedback formats in dance and performance-related arts. I oversee the development of the formats, documentation and compilation of the texts for publication. And I advices on the Symposium on 2018.

Mapping Dance Berlin is a program aimed at strengthening the field of dance communication. It offers a variety of events that create space for exchange and interaction between the dancer and their audience, and makes contemporary dance more accessible.