Kalte Platte

This performance was made in 1996 for the official opening of the new building of the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg.

This piece deals with the question ‘how do we view the human body?’ In the dance world in particular our way of looking at the body is not very human. The body has to function, it has to fit into forms and movement qualities, a demand which is often very unhealthy and unnecessary. This piece is talking about just that. The audience watches ‘Kalte Platte’ as though they are witnessing an audition for half an hour.

Sonja Augart

Fred Kallemein

Christine Roelofs

Sonia Si Ahmed
Ellen van den Broek
Katja Grässli
Ulrike Dossmann
Jorn Klopper
Mariska Koopmann
Helma Melis
Manja de Zwart

Agnes Csizmadia
Yvonne Hamelink
Anne-Marijke de Jong
Robbert- Jan Krook
Penny Turner

Reaction from the audience:

'... at Sonja Augart's performances, the spectator is obliged to observe.'