How often do you take notice of the way your body moves when there is no pain or strain to alert you? And when your movement is somehow restricted, do you know where the limitation originates? What if there was a playful way to become more aware of your body’s movements, of its strains and its unique possibilities to solve them? Would you be interested to give it a try?

Feldenkrais is a method of awareness through movement, developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, a Doctor of Science in physics and engineering, and martial arts master. Starting out with the question of how we actually learn things, he developed a method of somatic education centring on the body.

It’s a method that invites you to play and observe at the same time. Why do you find it easy to roll to the left, for instance, but almost impossible to roll to the right? Is it something you might change? Step by step, we learn about our movement, so things might falls in place again.

Each session is based on a particular functional movement. It could be turning, twisting, rising or rolling or some other common movement. Group sessions start with a mental scan of the body. From there you will be taken through a series of movements by verbal instructions that leave a lot of room for personal interpretation. There is no example, no right or wrong way to move: just let your body figure it out. Simple, gentle motions are combined into gradually more complex movements that allow you to (re)discover the joy of moving and the alternatives you have at your disposal.

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