Did I fall or was I pushed ?
I will never leave you.
Hey, haven’t you seen me somewhere before ?

Every day we encounter a vast quantity of impressions and images in which the intertwining of fact and fiction is so refined and convincing that it becomes difficult to distinguish one from the other and we are tempted to accept them as reality.

This seems to give certainties but is in fact a stagnation causing indifference. It seems a contradiction to use the word stagnation as the choreographic theme for a performance that can’t be defined as purely dance, purely theatre or purely movement. In our experience of the world we want to discover coherence in chaos, which appears to be transitory. The process leading to this piece was researching the sensitivity in our way of looking

A dance- and music performance directed and choreographed by Sonja Augart

  • Performer: Eva Kamala Rodenburg
  • Composition/performer: Gloribel Hernandez
  • Scenography/ light/ costum: WOVER
  • Production: Fragmenta 
  • Promotion: MOH diseño 
  • Music: Sonic Youth
  • Video: Michiel Jansen