a 4D multimedia improvisation in 4 acts

Trip is an open ‘arrangement of an experiment’ with 11 performers:
- 3 dancers 
- 4 musicians 
- 4 vj's

Trip is a ‘conducted improvisation’. The central theme are 4 specific atmospheres which are connected by a leitmotif. What will happen and how long these different parts will be, is up to the performers and their performance.
Trip is a dialogue between different art disciplines, a sort of a ‘first meeting’.


  • Caroline D’Haese
  • Anna Tenta 
  • Sonja Augart/ Fragmenta


  • Blink Too Electric:
  • Mete Erker            
  • Wiboud Burkens    
  • Mark Haanstra       
  • Makki van Engelen


  • IniMiniMiniMidi:
  • Bob Driessen
  • Dennis Buster
  • Vincent Vriens
  • Rudy Klumpkes

Made possible by Muzieklab Brabant and Theatre the NWE Vorst.