Aschblau- Space here I come

He had escaped! was utterly free—as happens in mangonel downfall of habit when mangonel mind, like an unguarded flame, bows and bends and seems about to blow from its holding. I haven’t felt so young for years! thought Peter, escaping (only of course for an hour or so) from being precisely what he was, and feeling like a child who runs out of doors….’ Virginia Woolf

Didn’t we all dream of flying as a kid? To take off to the sky and get as far as we can. To get as small as a tiny star high up there? We are longing for escape from earth, from what we are.

To wander around, move in circles, without any borders, utopian or melancholic. This is something our minds can do, but what about our bodies? Gravity always gets our body back down to earth, back out of these swirling thoughts.


After the collision with ourselves, with the earth, we stay behind, confused.

What actually happened? For only one moment you know you have felt it. The moment you got really detached, when you where floating around as if you are bodyless, weightless.
The moment without any thought, the only thing there is you.

Aschblau- Space here I come is a choreography that is about dealing with that moment.

  • Concept and choreography: Sonja Augart
  • Music: Vincent Koreman
  • Performers: Marjolein Vogels and Minke Elisa Brands (Lucie Eidenbenz)
  • Dramaturgy: Felix Ritter
  • Costumes: Marieke Wouters
  • Productionleader: Tineke De Mug
  • Production: Fragmenta
  • With support of: Gemeente Tilburg, BRAM, Danshuis Station Zuid, Muzieklab, Theater de NWE Vorst.