Ein Versuch ...

Ein Versuch dem Publikum etwas zu zeigen

by Sonja Augart and Noele Van Kelst

Ein Versuch… takes the physical space of the stage as a metaphor for a mental space. The two performers, some objects and a live mix of The Unanswered Question (Charles Ives) transform the space permanently.

"An image that barely reveals itself, an image that doesn't rush, is kept on hold, lingers, parks in line, an image that hesitates, in chaos, in double focus, a mistrustful image, because it will be torn down nonetheless, an image that refuses to show itself, an image that wants to be absent beforehand - who doesn't suffer from pictorial depression - or an image that doesn't want to stop, a moody image, an image working on its umpteenth comeback, an image that still doesn't leave a memory - all that in order to bring new meaning to the force of the image in the theatre, or the theatre as nursing home of images and the birth of the image like a deranged Venus from a stubborn shell."

(Text by Robert Steijn.)

Scenography: WOVER