Choreographic Radio

We’re into dance and we don’t know much about radio. But we want to communicate, to develop a discourse beyond geographic and choreographic borders. We want to play and try things out; to connect, to make sense and have fun – that’s how we started making radio.

The Choreographic Radio plays into our interest to create and produce a different context, a new canon, for developing discourses on dance and choreography-related art. Taking up the challenge to evoke dance with words and sounds, the Choreographic Radio has been gradually building audibility, drawing people to a medium not obviously used in our work field. Actually, radio suits the nomadic lifestyle that is emblematic of our daily artistic practice with its scattered community. As such, the Choreographic Radio is also an attempt to establish a connected scene, however diverse and spread-out it may be.

The Radio is open to anyone interested in the topics we discuss: choreographers and dancers as well as cultural workers and audiences. It offers a playful, inspiring intellectual environment in which our voice functions as an intermediary. The project’s strength is in its perseverance, allowing us time to investigate, experiment with and build oral methods of communicating dance and choreographic-related art. By facilitating a continuous dialogue we hope to take choreographic discourse to the next level.

By Sonja Augart, Annette van Zwoll, Ana Trincao, Camilla Milena Feher

Tanzkongress 2016 Live Broadcasting/Performance