The surroundings of Uferstudios / Berlin Wedding are turned into a setting for a choreographed score asking people to invent a choreography while simultaneously acting as dancers.

In “Choreographier Dich Pfad” – or Choreographic Trail – the artist Sonja Augart hands choreographic instructions to practically everyone. By following the call that “The city belongs to us!” she designed this accessible choreographic installation. Everybody is given the opportunity to transform places with obvious functionalities into artworks and to own Berlin in a very personal way. “Choreographier Dich Pfad” consciously looks at public spaces with specifically assigned contributions but also considers their pure and often forgotten characteristics. Places and their functions will potentially change permanently due to the involvement of participants and passers-by, because if we assume that these places belong to “us”, the public, then we can also freely shape them or perform around them. “Choreographier Dich Pfad” explores how anyone can be a choreographer and dancer in this urban landscape.

The participants receive a specific structure shown on a map with paths and places. There are sign posts resembling those found on fitness trails, presenting instructions for movement and timing. Moving through the parkour with the help of maps and the brochure, participants will be reading the score, interpreting it with their body and therefore turning themselves into performers and visualising the choreography.

Sign posts are presenting detailed step-by-step instructions of components for a choreography, explaining types of movement in space and time. Principles for each of these stations are rooted in compositional methods developed by various important choreographers of the 20th century. The sign posts also describe transitional paths you will need to walk from one point of action to the next, involving movements already introduced at the previous spot. Another important aspect of this path are the tempi specified with a metronome (bpm: beats per minute). All paths and places are linked by a compositional time structure starting from the point of departure and running until the endpoint.

The choreography will not be the responsibility of one single person; everyone will meet other “performers” within the landscape. The reactions of every interpreter when they meet interpretations produced by others will be an important question to explore within the landscape, researching how individuals conceive the communal.

A score written within the surroundings will only come to life as an artwork when activated
by the participants. While people engage physically and mentally with the space they simultaneously create a choreographic artwork. It will not always be apparent who is audience and who is performer as this continuous to be negotiated between the participants, those passing by and the space itself. The “show” is happening whenever people make their way through the landscape reading the path’s score with their bodies.

  • Concept: Sonja Augart
  • Guide: Juan Gabriel Harcha
  • Design: Akiles
  • Production: Annette van Zwoll, Ausufern Uferstudios GmbH
  • Text/Redaktion: Sonja Augart, Juan Gabriel Harcha, Bernd Neunzling, Sirine Malas
  • Photography: Andreas Strauß