Tender Fall Trailer Theatre Frascati





Local - Global at Theater de NWE Vorst 14.10.10

A conference about local - global and what it means to work more international.

One topic sounds very interesting - that the periphery is important for innovation. And a good institution knows his periphery and greats his own.

I always get this image of an octopus. Which is resting on the bottom of the sea and spread his tentacles. Waiting for what is coming along. This is the local octopus.

A octopus which is swimming around and using different levels in the space - is the global one.

But than my imagination have a problem. How is it possible to travel a institution around and at the same time using different levels? 





Frascati Internationaal presents: Tender Fall


Charles Leadbeater keynote speech at Incubate Festival 2010


Pirate Conference - All Choreographers are pirates.

Marten S. and Xavier le R. used the romantic idea we all have about the pirates. With their ship travelling over the sea. Steal from the rich and bad people. Gathering gold and expensive stuff on their ship. And than what to do with this stuff?  In our romantic idea the pirates are not able to go on land and just spend all the money they have got. No, everyone know that they are pirates, because they look like pirates and behave like they do. So, the pirates are damned to stay on their ship and travel around whole of their live.
What a nightmare.

But when we use this metaphor for what pirate can mean in our art field it starts to be quite interesting. Our body includes every movement the body is able to do. The only thing what makes the different is the way we approach the body. In which technique we are trained. In the body there can be no ‘real’ pirate action. In choreography this is a different issue. Choreography, as the most of us understands, is a body in process through space in time. This ‘ process’ which is a constant shift from one body content to the other body content - never stops. It never comes home. That ‘constantly shifting’ of the content we can describe as a pirate action.

So, all the choreographers are pirates?