move-In / zuGang - the collection of documentaries, essays and interviews on dance mediation formats


Avaible now!

My contribution as an expertert to observe, write and analise about different communictation formats.

I enjoyed the inspiring work with my collegue Silke Bake and Maren Witte. 

To order at: Tanzbüro, Uferstr. 23, 13 257 Berlin



Glassschwamm - Grundgedanken für eine neu zu gründende Struktur für eine (Tanz)institution

Erster Schritt ein Metapher zu finden für Zugänglichkeit, Austausch und Fragilität. 

Eine Sturktur die "besetzt" und "eingenommen" wird, die aber trotzdem Stabilität bzw. Erkennbarkeit beinhaltet. Der Glassschwamm ist so eine Kreatur. 

Einer der stabilisten Strukturen, diese ist aufgebaut aus dünnen Glassfasern, wobei das Meer kontinuierlich ungehindert hindurch fliest. Es gibt kein Innen und Aussen.  Alles was durch die Öffnungen dieser porösen Struktur hindurchpasst, passiert diese auch. Und die Passant*innen nutzten diesen Ort vielfältig.

Der Schwamm ist Schutz-, Lebens- und Aufenthaltsraum.


Ein solches Tier als Methaper für eine Tanzvermittlung Institution. Diesen Vorschlag habe ich der AG Tanzvermittlung und Forschung unterbreitet. 

Und jetzt steht ein Grundgerüst für ein erstes Konzept: 

Konzept - Tanzvermittlung Insitution II Runder Tisch ( in Zusammenarbeit mit Livia Patrizi)






Talking Together - Julidans 2018 

Talking Together at Julidans 2018 in Amsterdam

Yesterday, we had inspiring dialogs and discussions after the show of 

Hooman Sharifi "While They Are Floating" at the Rabozaal.

Next Thursday, 12.7.18 at 21:00h after the performance of  Greogry Maqoma "Via Kanana" we will be there again.



Never alone again- choreography by intervention - Danshallerne Copenhagen

Wonderful evening - shared my work and the Choreogrpahic Radio. 

How to go to the unknown? This quesiton became the "Leitmotive" of the evening.  



Some notes about teaching Feldenkrais. Berlin, August 2017

Why should I be concerned with myself?
What is the self anyway?

We are constantly being bombarded with new opinions, concepts, manuals and smart watches that tell us how things work inside our bodies, how we can be healthier and how we can optimise ourselves and function even better. But how should we use this information without a sense of self to absorb and digest it? How do we know what actually suits to us and what doesn’t? How can you be an individual when everything is supposed to be directly accessible, quick and efficient like mass processing?

What suits me; what belongs to me and what belongs to the other? Is there an opportunity somewhere, the time and place to research and develop this?

The only thing we actually possess in this world is our own body. It is this body that makes us social beings and that allows us the time we now spend here together. Can you sense this with your own body? Or do you only become aware of it in more critical conditions, for instance when we’re unwell or when the body as it is doesn’t seem to fit?

There seem to be far too many thoughts, far too exhausting to come to terms with them as well. But children solve such issues while they are playing, trying and at once learning how you can do things better, or rather differently. If we really believe that our brains and bodies are malleable we should never stop playing and getting to know ourselves this way. Regardless of the phase of life we have reached.

Discover the possibilities to expand your horizon and in doing so, get to know yourself. So you can live your life the way you want it.